Beauty routine

I have one routine in terms of skincare: inconsistency. I have never washed and moisturized my face day and night, I just don’t have it in me. I usually only wash my face when I’m in the shower, and an occasional separate ordeal if I get something on my face. I am lucky to have good skin. I have no real breakouts and I got my first wrinkle at 30.

Lately I have, however, noticed a slight decline in its elasticity. That makes me a bit nervous, but not enough to actually do something proper about it – like implementing a consistent skincare routine. But! I am slowly realizing that I need an emergency kit, that will at least slow down the decay.

So today, while Erik was playing in his Jumparoo I washed my face and put on a mudmask.

Since my skin is grateful to see any type of product it’s content with most brands, which is why I recently stopped buying the top brands and moved down the scale a bit. Strangely enough my skin seems to prefer this treatment better than the one before it.

It goes from left to right: Hydra Végétal Refreshing Radiation Scrub by Yves Rocher which I help along with some Scrub to mix, also by Yves Rocher. Once the face was properly scrubbed I washed the scrub off and dried my face. I applied the Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask by MUDMASKY which I left on a bit longer than one should due to there being a diaper change that took precedence over facemask removal.

After I washed the mask off I washed my face again with the Hydra Végétal Refreshing Cleansing Gel by Yves Rocher. Once my face was dry I got to the good stuff, and something I have been meaning to write about for a while.

From left to right: White Orchid Eye Gel by Cien, Truth Serum by Ole Henriksen, White Orchid Intensive Serum by Cien and finally White Orchid Day Cream by Cien.

Some of you will frown and others will wonder what brand Cien is. It’s Lidl’s own brand.

A few months ago I was talking to a girl about skincare and she swore by the regular one by said brand. I was sceptical but curious, so I went out and got myself the day cream.

How pleasantly surprised I was.

It left my skin feeling smooth and not oily nor dry. A fantastic moisturizer. So before Christmas they released this White Orchid line, and my curiosity got the better of me. I figured that if it isn’t any good I would just discard it, it was basically free. But here we are, some months later and the products are now some of my all time favorites.

The eye gel has a light shimmer to it and a really mild and pleasant scent. The consistency is like a loose gel and it’s very easily absorbed into the sensitive skin around the eye.

I use two different serums in the winter, the first is an oily one by Ole Henriksen and the second a more gel like by Cien. The serum by Cien is, again, mildly scented and very easily absorbed into the skin.

The day cream is unscented and a very good consistency, not too fatty but moisturizing as if it was. I’m yet to try the night cream due to lazy reasons.

But not only are the products very good the packaging is a thing of beauty. Never in a billion years would I have thought that I would buy off-brand skincare and even crazier yet that it would be from Lidl, but I was so very pleasantly surprised and am hoping for a return of the White Orchid line so I can stock up on it.

My skin has never taken to products this fast and I’m very happy that I gave it the old college try without dismissing it based only on the producer.

The masked face and the aftermath.

Couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Review goes, five hatched chickens! 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥

Campbell of Sweden

Ole Henriksen

So for about a month now I’ve been trying out some new skin products by Ole Henriksen. It’s from two different lines, the serum (called “Truth Serum”) is from the Truth Collection and the moisturizer (called “Sheer Transformation”) is from the Transform Collection.

Ole Henriksen, as some know, runs a celebrity favored spa in LA. And just like most spa’s they got requests in from clients for the products they were using for the treatments. And the rest is history.

Now fast forward 34 years (the products were launched in 1983) to Bålsta, Sweden. In this climate, with a skin type that’s mixed, these products are just not cutting it. Both the serum and the moisturizer are extremely quickly absorbed into the skin – which is a bonus, but they don’t leave the skin feeling moisturized. Instead what they do is make my face feel like it will tear if I sneeze.

Since the pregnancy I have noticed my skin drying out much faster than before. But time also does its part, I am after all 31 years of age. But my other products do the trick even with the cold weather and the age issue.

The orange pump is the serum and the blue tub is the moisturizer.

These are the testers. The serum is more of a gel than an oil and the smell reminds me of sea buckthorn. I personally really like the smell of it, however it really dries out my skin and makes it feel sort of strung or tense, if that makes sense.

The moisturizer is not as bad in the drying out arena but the smell reminds me of Elmer’s School Paste (trälim). In the parentheses is the Swedish equivalent.

I’m sure a lot of people enjoy these products but I myself am not at all a fan. With the exception for the scent of the serum these products score a whopping zero on my list. Nothing I would ever run out to buy.

Rating (1 out of 5 hatched chickens):

Ms. Campbell