First night of this shenanigans, a lightweight face mask to wear while sleeping.

Instructions are simple: wash and dry face, apply mask and let sit for a minimum of five hours (and a maximum of 10 hours). Easy enough.

It’s very gel like in its consistency and doesn’t smell like anything in particular. It has a mild and sort of fresh scent to it. When applied to the face it’s absorbed almost instantaneously which is good, because that means no traces of it on the pillow. The mild scent is also good because it won’t be overpowering, which can make it harder to sleep. Especially when you, like myself, share a bed with a baby.

It gave me a slight tingling sensation, around the nose, but nothing that causes discomfort. However it does make you aware of its existence. I am also aware of it due to the dryness of my, usually very moisturized, skin. But I have that same sensation whenever I wear a face mask, so there’s nothing new under the sun.

I’m looking forward to really giving this product a go, I’ll be trying it out for about two weeks so we’ll see if there’s any improvement to my skin.

But now the bed is calling to me, and a certain tiny gentleman needs to be slightly moved so that the mother unit also fits into that bed.

So smol.

Ms. Campbell

Ole Henriksen

So for about a month now I’ve been trying out some new skin products by Ole Henriksen. It’s from two different lines, the serum (called “Truth Serum”) is from the Truth Collection and the moisturizer (called “Sheer Transformation”) is from the Transform Collection.

Ole Henriksen, as some know, runs a celebrity favored spa in LA. And just like most spa’s they got requests in from clients for the products they were using for the treatments. And the rest is history.

Now fast forward 34 years (the products were launched in 1983) to Bålsta, Sweden. In this climate, with a skin type that’s mixed, these products are just not cutting it. Both the serum and the moisturizer are extremely quickly absorbed into the skin – which is a bonus, but they don’t leave the skin feeling moisturized. Instead what they do is make my face feel like it will tear if I sneeze.

Since the pregnancy I have noticed my skin drying out much faster than before. But time also does its part, I am after all 31 years of age. But my other products do the trick even with the cold weather and the age issue.

The orange pump is the serum and the blue tub is the moisturizer.

These are the testers. The serum is more of a gel than an oil and the smell reminds me of sea buckthorn. I personally really like the smell of it, however it really dries out my skin and makes it feel sort of strung or tense, if that makes sense.

The moisturizer is not as bad in the drying out arena but the smell reminds me of Elmer’s School Paste (trälim). In the parentheses is the Swedish equivalent.

I’m sure a lot of people enjoy these products but I myself am not at all a fan. With the exception for the scent of the serum these products score a whopping zero on my list. Nothing I would ever run out to buy.

Rating (1 out of 5 hatched chickens):

Ms. Campbell