Stepford wives…

I’ve been noticing it over time, how more and more girls are doing the same things and how similar they all look. The behavior, the looks and the ideas spread. At first I was laughing about the homogeneous thought process, but it’s becoming more and more terrifying to watch.

It started with the fake nails, then the extensions followed, the eyelashes and the micro bladed eyebrows. The fake tans, the fillers, the nips and the tucks. The massive lips and tits and asses. The same tattoos in the same places, the same guys rotating and the same pictures in the same settings.

The individual seems to be eradicated, and any free thought is banished. You’re not happy unless you look the same. Your vacation in Dubai or Greece or Italy, whatever’s on the ‘hot-list’ this season. You do an overhaul every month or so. You buy a new wardrobe with all big brand names fully visible so that you don’t stick out. Sheeple.

And then on the other side you have the feminazis dressing in all 70’s gear and hating men. Saving the planet by not using plastic and screaming loudly about equal pay while working as freelance journalists 3 times a week and living off of their husbands. Raising boys who wear high heeled shoes and dresses, under the label “they can do anything they want”. Anything except be boys.

And then, in between these polar opposites there’s a selected few being bashed and taunted for not being part of either party. For picking and choosing whatever suits them and their lives.

I’m not going to go into any further detail in this post, I was making observations and wanted to jot them down before going down this path. But the idea is terrifying, and I have so much I’d like to say on it.

Ms. Campbell

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