Leaving the apple part of life…

I’ve been a massive fan of all things iPhone since they came about. But the time has come to abandon ship.

I’m tired of the constant lack of space (I have 128 GB and keep running out) and the absolutely atrocious battery life. Lately my phone has been running out of both space and battery very quickly. So I removed 22 000 pictures and film clips. Yes, you read that correctly – twenty two thousand pictures and film clips. Why did I have that many, you may wonder… well, because I could. But the phone was running really slow and I thought that if I upload all of it into the cloud I could have a phone that’s semi decent. I was wrong. It kept being slow and dull, but it also added the unloading of the battery.

A fully charged battery lasts me about 20-60 minutes. No joke! So unless I’m constantly attached to a power source my phone is pretty useless. God forbid I use it outdoors, then the battery runs out in less than 10 minutes.

So, I decided that I was indeed done with Apple and their shitty but very expensive products. And I went over to the dark side, three stars (Samsung means three stars in Korean). I’ll be getting my Galaxy S8 next week, right after Christmas and with it a new era begins. The end of the apple season and time for some new stars to shine bright.

Plus it’s waterproof!

Ms. Campbell

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