2017 – a chronicle

What a year it’s been! So many lessons learned and so many experiences to take with me into the new year.

2017 was the year to end all years, with so much good and so much to learn from. Having a baby, losing and gaining both work and weight.

I was released from a nice job I enjoyed very much upon finding out about my pregnancy, it was a project and I understood that they needed someone who could commit to it until the end – which I couldn’t. But where there is a will there is a way, and I found another fantastic job that opened my eyes to where I want to be.

I had my baby boy and learned the true nature of love. I lost my husband in the process, and that too taught me a valuable lesson about love and family. About values and the importance of finding a good match.

I moved from a place I loved to a place I hated and realized that things are not what they seem at first sight.

What a tumultuous year it’s been. I lost some friends only to find them again, exactly as before.

It’s been a year of losses and gains but at the end of it all the gains outweigh the losses and I’m left here, sipping on my morning coffee with my son in this amazing apartment, that is our home, feeling better than I have in years. Who would have thought that all these seemingly terrible decisions would lead up to something so good? Not I.

So when I close the books on 2017, I will do it with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment. I have risen from the dead, it feels like, and the future seems brighter than ever. And for that I am very grateful.

What a year! And what an amazing time to be alive!

Ms. Campbell

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