Naturally, he sleeps today

In half an hour, three specialists and his nurse will arrive at our place. They’re doing a house call because Erik’s sleep is not getting any better. Naturally, however thankfully, he’s asleep right now. Sound asleep, actually. I’m currently sitting by the kitchen table, enjoying a homemade lunch while the tiny Sir sleeps (!) in the bedroom.

But isn’t that always the case? You are sick as a dog and as soon as you get into the doctor’s office it’s like you’ve never even heard of people who are sick – let alone been sick yourself.

I’m excited to see the experts, to have them maybe give me some new ideas. Maybe try some new (to me) tricks. I’m desperate at this point, and willing to try just about anything. Anything that doesn’t involve any medication or letting my child cry himself to sleep. I don’t care about how well it’s worked for you, I’m not going to leave my baby alone in a room while he cries. If you can and want to, that’s fine – but I don’t advocate anything that will potentially make him anxious or sad. Even if it means another six months of no sleep for me.

It is hard, don’t get me wrong. Raising a child on your own is a hassle in the best of times. But I’ve had a lot of horrible things happening making it extra difficult at times and Pudgy being as hyperactive and heavy as he is doesn’t help at all. But maybe there’s a solution, and maybe there isn’t. But if you don’t try you will never know. So here goes, the old college try.

Ms. Campbell

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