Life and other stories

What a time to be alive… But that goes for any period in history, really. I’ve had some excitement in my life lately, not all good but it keeps me active.

I haven’t started studying yet. I just don’t have any energy, right now. There’s so much other stuff going on and things keep popping up. Things like lumbago, which was sprung on me just last night. My back is a mess and I can’t deal with the pain. It comes, probably, from carrying one large baby around but I can’t imagine that not being so.

I couldn’t get out of bed this morning, so I called my best friend for help. She’s on vacation, luckily, and came all the way here with some painkillers from the pharmacy and a get-well-soon- kit. Said kit contained milk for my coffee, chocolate, cake, biscuits and Coca Cola. I wanted to cry. And not only that, she took care of Pudgy for a few hours letting me rest my back and wash his bobos (bottles) without any stress. She’s a godsend!

I need some peace of mind. And some rest. But that will have to wait, due to my tiny whale and his sleeping schedule. Or lack thereof. But today he’s been doing well and I’m hoping that will extend to the night as well.

Tomorrow we will try to go on a walk, Pudgy and I, since we never left the house all day today but my back doesn’t really allow me to do anything. I hope it will let up until tomorrow, at least a little.

As you may have figured out by now that my training has been put on hiatus until further notice. Probably silly but my priorities are currently elsewhere. Life is funny that way, it throws you off your path and it’s a journey in itself to find a good way back to what once was familiar grounds.

But we stride on. Let’s see where this journey takes us. What path will I find myself on in a year from now. Or five years. Or better yet, 10 years from now – who will I be and where will that Belma be?



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