Life in general…

I guess it's time to update again, not much has changed since last. Life is pretty good, calm and quiet. Well, not really but I pretend that it is when Pudgy's asleep. I pretend that I have it all under control and that all the calamity and chaos are going to get better.

Erik sleeps peacefully in the baby nest that I keep rocking on my legs. He's outgrown the nest but he's so comfortable in it and I don't have the heart to leave him without it. I will sew him a new one, a big one – but for the time being he is comfortable where he is and that's the only thing that matters.

He's turning three months in 9 days and he's progressing fast, in some areas. Others he seems to have no interest in. He's easily bored and needs constant entertainment and the close presence of either me or his father. He doesn't like to play in his baby gym and cartoons for kids don't spark any interest in him.

He likes his bouncy chair and the bug mobile above his crib, but that's about it. He loves to walk and stand up, and he sits up like a pro. Obviously with support from us, we're not completely crazy.

The days are filled with Erik related activities and since he refuses to do anything alone (including naps) there's not much one can do outside of that. We live in shifts, completely dominated by that little whale of a boy. But I can't imagine a different life. I can miss going out, and the social life I used to have. But it was all so shallow and meaningless, and I wouldn't want any if it back. But I miss the idea of it.

Who would have thought, just a year and a half ago, that a little thing like that would rule my world? In its entirety.

As I was writing this he's kept me company, with his snores and sleep smiles. And just that, this right here – is what makes this the best place in the world to be in.

Mrs. Campbell

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