A quiet morning…

You forget what quiet feels like, peaceful and luxurious. It's a reality no one prepared me for, having a child with colic. It's a reality no one can prepare you for, because torture can't be explained – it can only be experienced.

You read about it and you think, well it passes with time, what's 3-4 months? It's horrible, not only because you're exhausted and in pain but mostly because your child is inconsolable and in pain. He screams even before he opens those beautiful blue eyes. It's absolute torture seeing him like that and trying every single thing you know should work only to see it fail.

But he's growing, he's slowly getting into somewhat of a routine and at the end of the day that is all that you can ask for. We're going to try some anti-colic medicine, as soon as it arrives to see if it helps. It would be amazing to have him wake up and not scream-cry every time and not be so tight and angry all the time. I understand that he's in pain and not being able to give him any relief because we live in Sweden is pure torture.

But to have a moment like this is worth all the screaming and crying and the sleepless nights and days that all just melt into one big mess.

Today he's been amazing, there's been a lot of crying but he's also slept and eaten like a big boy.

A bit of crying while hanging out with mom and dad.

Happy Buddha baby.

Going for a quality nap.

He's growing so fast, 7,5 kilograms he weighed today. May not be completely accurate since we weighed him at home but he is well over 7 kilos. We're trying to enjoy the quiet moments, they're few and far between but oh so wonderful!

Outside of that I've been helping Sean update his CV. Still no luck finding work and it's becoming strenuous for the both of us. It's been well over a year now and still nothing, meanwhile I'm getting offers while on maternity leave. We're hoping he'll find something soon. Really, really soon.

In the meantime we're playing house and trying to figure Pudgy out.

Mrs. Campbell