It is time…

I’ve been away doing a lot of different stuff, not focusing on me or us but on finding work and not freaking out about having a baby in May.

For you who are new, let me introduce myself: I am a 31 year old, mother to be, working as a tax specialist in Stockholm, Sweden. I currently live in a one bedroom apartment, 38 sqm, with my husband and all the baby stuff. It is cramped and cozy but it would be wonderful to have more space. In my free time I do makeup, DIY stuff and nailart. And cook. I cook a lot! 

This blog is going to be my way of sharing my daily life with those who are interested. All my adventures both in life but also in the kitchen, as well as the nail related ones.

I am not great at consistency so if I write a lot some days and nothing at all others it’s because I am a lazy perfectionist and if the post is not up to par I will abandon it and be a bit bitter for a while. 

Let’s start a new adventure! 
/Mrs. Campbell

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